2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 02, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Regulations

Credit by Examination

The purpose for credit by examination is to validate credits earned at other institutions or to exempt students from courses in which they have had related professional experience(s). Students who satisfy either one of the aforementioned criteria may earn a maximum of 15 credits using this method. Credit by examination may not be used to correct registration errors. It cannot be used to satisfy coursework for which the student has received a grade from Florida Memorial University.

To apply for credit by examination, students must obtain an application from the Office of the Registrar and have the application approved by the dean of the specific school and the Provost prior to paying the examination fee.

The dean and a committee of faculty will review the data submitted, interview the student, and determine if that student may take the examination. Examinations are prepared or selected by the school’s faculty. Examinations will include a comprehensive coverage of course materials. Students may be required to complete written assignments as well as standardized short-answer and/or essay questions. Students may not apply for credit by examination during their expected term of graduation.

A letter grade of “P” will be assigned upon successful completion of the examination. If unsuccessful, the grade of “F” will be assigned.

Credits earned by credit by examination cannot be used to satisfy residency requirements, nor are these credits included in the calculation of the grade point average. Students who qualify for credit by examination will have only one attempt to satisfy course requirements using this method.

Academic Standing

Good Academic Standing, Warning, Academic Progress, Probation, Suspension, Academic Appeal, and Dismissal.

Good Academic Standing
The required cumulative grade point average (GPA) for Good Academic standing and eligibility for graduation at Florida Memorial University is 2.0 for all programs except for the School of Education, which requires a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for graduation.

Academic Warning
Freshman who have attempted 0-29 credit hours and whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 will be placed on Academic Warning for one semester. All students on Academic Warning must meet with their academic advisor to develop an Academic Warning Improvement Plan (AWIP). The advisor may require adjustment of the student’s courses or course load.

Academic Probation
Students will be placed on Academic Probation when they fail to earn and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students are removed from Academic Probation when their cumulative grade point average reaches a minimum of 2.0. Student is required to develop and follow an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP).

Academic Suspension
Students will be suspended from the University for one semester (Fall or Spring) if they fail to satisfy the aforementioned requirements. All suspended students must apply for re-admission to the Academic Standing Committee.

Academic Appeal
Students on Academic Suspension will be granted the right to appeal in writing. The Academic Standing Committee will make the final decision concerning suspension. If the suspension is rescinded, the student will be returned to Academic Probation status.

Academic Dismissal
Students returning from Academic Suspension who fail to achieve and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 after two consecutive semesters of study will be dismissed from the University. Academic Dismissal carries a separation from Florida Memorial University for one (1) academic year before eligibility for re-admission may be restored.

Transfer of Credits Policy

Florida Memorial University accepts courses earned at other post-secondary institutions, provided that

  • The grade earned in major courses, and core English, reading, and mathematics courses is a “C” or higher;
  • The courses represent collegiate coursework relevant to the degree program being pursued at the institution;
  • The course content, level of instruction and resulting competencies are equivalent to those of students enrolled at the institution; and
  • All official transcripts are submitted to the institution.

A maximum of 90 credits total may be transferred to Florida Memorial University. The school’s dean and the Provost must approve all transfer credits used toward a degree, using a form provided by the University Registrar. A minimum of 25% of the credit hours required for a student’s degree must be earned by instruction at Florida Memorial University.

Transfer Credits from International Institutions
Postsecondary credits earned by international students at colleges and universities which pattern themselves after the British or other non-American education systems must be evaluated by an external transcript evaluation organization approved by Florida Memorial University.

Verification of content of transfer courses is made from University catalogs, course syllabi, and certified copies of military documents, and by following guidelines published by the American Council on Education or the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Advanced Placement Program
Florida Memorial University cooperates fully with accredited high schools and colleges in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. AP courses are available to juniors and seniors in most United States high schools.

  • Students must earn a score of 3 or higher on the nationally administered exam.
  • An official Grade Report must be submitted for credit
  • Credits will not be awarded for examination that duplicate course work or other exam credits previously posted to a student’s academic record.
  • Students are awarded credits only; they are not given grades for Advanced Placement Courses, and Advanced Placement
  • Courses are not included in the GPA. All AP credits granted will meet Florida Memorial University’s degree requirements.
  • There are no additional fees involved for providing Advanced Placement services.

Florida Memorial University Advanced Placement (AP) Course List

Exam Title Min. AP​ Score Hrs Sem. Courses
History of Art 3 3 ARH 101  
Studio Art-Draw Portfolio 4 3 ART 131  
Studio Art-General Port 3 3 ART 121  
Biology 4 6 BIO 101 , BIO 130  
      BIO 131 , BIO 206  
Chemistry 4 5-10 CHE 110 , CHE 111  
      CHE 112 , CHE 113  
Computer Science A 4 3 CSC 101   
Computer Science AB 4 6 CSC 101 , CSC 230  
Economics-Microeconomics 3 3 ECO 202  
Economics-Macroeconomics 3 3 ECO 201  
English-Lang & Comp 4 6 ENG 101 , ENG 102  
English-Liter and Comp 4 6 ENG 101 , ENG 202  
French Language 3 6 FRE 201 , FRE 202  
French Literature 3 6 FRE 305 , FRE 306  
Gov and Politics-Comp 3 3 POL 311  
Gov and Politics-U.S. 3 3 POL 301  
History-European 3 3 HIS 101   
History-United States 3 3 HIS 200  
Math-Calculus AB 4 3 MAT 200  
Math-Calculus BC 4 6 MAT 201 , MAT 202  
Music Theory 3 6 MUS 101 , MUS 102  
Physics B 4 8 PHY 200 , PHY 201  
      PHY 202 , PHY 203  
Physics C (Mechanics) 4 4 PHY 200 , PHY 201  

Articulation Agreement

Students transferring to Florida Memorial University from another college or university are admitted on the basis of credits and grade point average earned in course work at the collegiate level. Students must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in collegiate course work. Transfer applicants who possess the Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida State College or University will be accepted as juniors with a minimum of 60 credits, with the understanding that some prerequisite work may be required to fulfill degree requirements in their major at Florida Memorial University. Courses with a grade of “D” will transfer, except in English and mathematics. Course work for all students who enroll without the AA degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Students are advised to consult the ICUF Transfer Manual for specific requirements for each major. www.fldoe.org

Credit for Life Experience (CLEO)

The Credit for Life Experience Opportunity (CLEO) Program encompasses all adult experiential learning modes to obtain university credit for applicable practical learning. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP), portfolio development, National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), and credit-by-exam are used to determine credits.

The purpose of the Credit for Life Experience Opportunity Program at Florida Memorial University is to provide a quality adult experiential learning program that offers the opportunity for successful completion of a baccalaureate degree. Further, using various learning tools that link practical experience to applicable university level learning, the mature learner maximizes the value of his/her professional experiences.

In addition to meeting the CLEO program credit requirements, all students must complete a minimum of 30 credits through traditional classroom instruction at Florida Memorial University in order to be awarded the baccalaureate degree.

To be eligible to apply to the CLEO Program, the student must

  • have a minimum of five (5) years of professional experience (exceptions must be based on recommendation CLEO Portfolio Advisor)
  • complete the CLEO Application Packet
  • attend a preliminary interview meeting with the CLEO Coordinator.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policies

General Information

Florida Memorial University recognizes that a well-rounded education contributes to the quality of life. The University expects that students will leave its community of scholars and traditions prepared to participate fully in society. The University also recognizes and honors students’ prior learning and may award credit for knowledge gained through independent study, advanced high school or honors classes, or other experiences outside of the University’s classroom. CLEP tests measure the mastery of University-level introductory course content in a wide range of disciplines.

Credits Awarded

Florida Memorial University will not award CLEP credits for the following:

  • Credit will not be awarded in a subject in which student has once been enrolled at the University level.
  • Credit cannot be earned through CLEP while on academic suspension from the University.
  • Credit will not be awarded for any course in which a student previously earned a failing grade.
  • Credit cannot be earned to raise a grade previously earned in a University course
  • Credit will not be awarded for exams taken without written approval from department chair and or an academic advisor.
  • Total number of credits by examination that a student may earn is twenty-four (24). Credits exceeding that amount will not be awarded. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Credit will not be awarded as part of the last 30 hours applicable to a degree.

Score minimums, credit hours awarded, and course equivalencies awarded are subject to change for any examination without prior notice.

Test Fee

The fee for taking a test is $50 per test. A student may pay by check or money order made payable to CLEP, or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). There is also a $50 institutional fee, which is due at the time the test is taken.

Acceptable scores and credits

Based on the American Council on Education’s recommendation, Florida Memorial University will accept and award credits for the following CLEP courses:

Examination Course Equivalent
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature ENG 111
English Composition with Essay ENG 101  
English Literature ENG 303  
English Literature II FRE 201  
French Language Level 1 (2 semesters) FRE 201  
French Language Level 2 (4 semesters) FRE 202  
Spanish Language Level 1 (2 semesters) SPA 201  
Spanish Language Level 2 (4 semesters) SPA 202  
American Government POL 301  
Hist. of the U.S. Early Colonization to 1877 HIS 321  
Hist. of the U.S. II 1865 to the Present HIS 324  
Human Growth and Development PSY 306  
Humanities DRA 200  
Principles of Macroeconomics ECO 201  
Principles of Microeconomics ECO 202  
Introductory Psychology PSY 200  
Social Science & History SSC 101  
Social Science II SSC 102  
Introductory Sociology SOC 200  
Biology BIO 101  
College Algebra  MAT 111  
Intermediate Algebra MAT 110  
Finite Math MAT 114  
Physical Science PSC 101  
Trigonometry MAT 113  
Principles of Accounting ACC 211  
Introductory Business Law BUS 311  
Information Systems & Computer Applications CSC 101  
Principles of Marketing MKT 301  
Principles of Management BUS 211  


For further information, please contact the Testing Center located in the Sarah Blocker Hall Building, room 211-212 at (305) 626-3775.

Graduation Requirements

Advisors and faculty will advise students toward meeting requirements for graduation; students have the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling requirements for graduation. Students are responsible for filing an application for a degree in the Office of the Registrar the semester prior to graduation. All Graduation Fees are due upon applying for graduation. Following are the basic requirements for graduation:

  1. Students must satisfy the curriculum requirements, complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, and meet the curriculum requirements for graduation specified by their degree program;
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or (2.5, for education and pre-hospitality management graduates)
  3. Completion of a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of credits required for the degree at Florida Memorial University
  4. Completion of a senior thesis or project for non-education majors
  5. Fulfillment of all financial obligations and procedural requirements.
  6. All requirements for graduation must be satisfied at least 24 hours after the last day of final examinations. Students who fail to complete requirements are required to file a new graduation application. (See Academic Calendar for deadlines.) Only those students who have completed all requirements for graduation will be permitted to participate in commencement exercises.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

A second bachelor’s degree may be awarded when:

  1. Requirements of an appropriate academic school for a second degree have been met.
  2. The student has completed a minimum of 30 credit hours at Florida Memorial University.
  3. Requirements for graduation from the University have been met. A bachelor’s degree has been earned from an accredited four-year college or university and 30 additional credit hours of course work are completed at Florida Memorial University. All requirements of the major school must be met.

Dual Majors

A student who desires to have dual majors must simultaneously meet the demands of both majors. Requirements for each major must be successfully satisfied. Transcripts will indicate the completion of dual majors.

Graduation Application Procedure

  1. Student picks up Undergraduate/Graduate Graduation Application form from the Office of the Registrar.
  2. The student and the academic advisor complete and sign the degree checksheet and the Graduation Application form.
  3. The student takes the degree checksheet, the Graduation Application form, and an unofficial transcript to the Dean (or Department Chair in the School of Arts and Sciences) for approval and signature.
  4. The student submits the three forms to the Registrar’s Office.
  5. The Registrar will review the documents and will send the applicant a Graduation Application Review Letter either approving or disapproving the application. This letter will indicate any and all courses or other requirements remaining to be completed. The names of approved applicants will be compiled into a list of applicants that will be sent to the Deans and Chairs at the end of the semester.
  6. The Deans and Chairs will review the list of applicants and indicate to the Registrar whether each applicant is approved or disapproved. If approved, the applicant will be added to the Graduation Candidate List. If disapproved, the applicant will be removed from the list.
  7. The Registrar will submit the Graduation Candidate List for approval by the faculty, pending completion of all academic and financial requirements.
  8. The approved Graduation Candidate List will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Graduation Disclaimer

The catalog under which the student enters serves as the official record of admission, academic, and degree completion requirements. It is the student’s individual responsibility to be aware of the current graduation requirements for his or her particular degree program. Completion requirements are subject to the FMU’s Board of Trustees policies as recommended by the University’s academic policy committees, relevant accreditation organizations, and (in some instances) state and federal laws and regulations.

Students are not allowed to participate in commencement activities if they have not completed all requirements as verified by the Office of the Registrar through the “Cleared for Graduation” process. Participation in commencement, does not guarantee eligibility to graduate. Certification of the conferral of a degree is by receipt of a diploma or official transcript noting degree completion, not necessarily by participation in the commencement ceremony.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered and are not authorized to attend classes for which they are not registered. Absences during the first two weeks of classes are especially discouraged as professors are required to report to the Registrar’s office the students who are registered in their courses but have not attended. The Registrar’s office will proceed to drop these students from the reported courses; however, it is the students’ ultimate responsibility to drop or withdraw from the courses they no longer plan to attend. Students with excessive unexcused absences may be withdrawn from the class by the instructor. Calculation of absences begins from the first class meeting for students whose names appear on the initial class roster. Acceptable absences include illness, serious family emergencies, special curricular requirements (e.g., University fairs, field trips and approved meetings), military obligations, and participation in official University-sponsored activities, such as music performances and athletic competitions. If accompanied by a letter from the Vice President for Student Affairs, absences from class for court-imposed legal obligations (e.g., jury duty or subpoena) will be excused. Students are responsible for any and all class work and may not use University-sponsored activities as a plea for extension of time to complete assignments, or for permission to take makeup examinations or quizzes, or to excuse missed exams/coursework.

Grading System and Quality Points

Grades Grade Quality Points  
A 4.00  
A- 3.70  
B+ 3.30  
B 3.00  
B- 2.70  
C+ 2.30  
C 2.00  
C- 1.70  
D+ 1.30  
D 1.00  
F 0.00  
FN Failure due to nonattendance  
W Official Withdrawal from the University  
WP Withdraw Passing  
WF Withdraw Failing  
I Incomplete  
P Pass  
U Unsatisfactory*  
AU Audit  
NC No Credit  
NR Not Reported  
  *(developmental courses only)  

Students must complete reading, English, mathematics, and all major- designated courses with a minimum grade of “C.” The “C-” grade is not a passing grade in the aforementioned courses. Students who are failing a general education course at midterm must pre-register to repeat that course during the next scheduled offering. All repeated courses must be taken at Florida Memorial University.

Students may be given an “I” only if a small part of the course is missed because of unavoidable circumstances and there is a reasonable chance of obtaining a “C” or better if the students complete the missing work. Students must complete this work within the established period of time (see Academic Calendar) without further registration or class attendance. Failure to adhere to this policy within one semester after receiving a grade of incomplete will result in the grade of “I” converting to the grade of “F.” Students who have filed for graduation may not receive an “I” during the term in which they plan to graduate. If a grade of “I” is received, the student must reapply for graduation at the next scheduled application period.

Grade Reports

Students may review their grades via the University’s website. A password is necessary to access this program. The report will also reflect the term grade point average and a cumulative grade point average. Grade reports are unofficial records. The University reserves the right to withhold the grade reports of students with financial obligations.

Grade Appeal

Students may appeal a grade in a course if it is demonstrated that a faculty member has made a capricious or prejudicial evaluation in grading. To resolve grade grievances, students must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Discuss the problem with the instructor with whom they have the grievance
  2. Meet with the school dean if the problem cannot be resolved with the instructor
  3. File a written grade appeal with the Grade Dispute Committee if the school dean cannot resolve the problem.

A written grade appeal must be appropriately filed in the semester following the one in which the disputed grade was given.

Change of Grades

Final grades can be changed only in instances of documented error. Grade changes must be reported by the professor on the Change of Grade Form. The form must be signed by the instructor and submitted with the appropriate documentation to the dean who in turn will submit it the Provost and Vice President. Upon approval, the form is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar where the grade change is recorded. Upon request, a student whose grade is changed will receive a student copy of the transcript reflecting the grade change. A grade may not be changed after two (2) semesters have elapsed, unless a written appeal by the student has been upheld, after the aforementioned time period.

Academic Honors

Honors at Graduation

The following honors are awarded at graduation to students who have maintained high scholarship.

Cum Laude cumulative grade point average of 3.20 to 3.49.
Magna Cum Laude cumulative grade point average of 3.50 to 3.79.
Summa Cum Laude cumulative grade point average of 3.80 or higher.

Other Academic Honors

The President’s List

Full-time students who have earned a semester grade point average of 4.0 (with a minimum of 12 semester hours).

The Dean’s List

Full-time students who have earned a semester grade point average of 3.5 to 3.99 (with a minimum of 12 semester hours).

The Honor Roll

Full-time students who have maintained a semester grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49 (with a minimum of 12 semester hours and above) Students enrolled in fewer than 12 semester hours of coursework, who have incomplete grades or pending grade changes, will not be considered for academic honors for that semester.