2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 02, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Degree Programs

Thoughtful consideration should be given to the selection of a major. It is not necessary to declare a major during the freshman year. Careful selection of courses in the general interest area is recommended. Requirements for a major are set by each school. By the end of the sophomore year, students must officially declare a major. Transfer students with an associate degree must declare a major upon entering the University. When declaring a major, students must submit a formal application to the respective school dean. At this time, a faculty advisor will be assigned. Majors offered at Florida Memorial University are:

School of Arts & Sciences

Department of Arts and Humanities

Communication (concentration in Public Relations)
Communication (concentration in TV Broadcast)
Music and Entertainment Public Relations
Religion and Philosophy

Department of Aviation and Safety

Aeronautical Science (concentration in Flight Education)
Aeronautical Science (concentration in Air Traffic Control)
Aviation Management

Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Technology

Computer Science
Cyber Security
Information Systems

Department of Health & Natural Sciences

Biology (B.S. and B.S. with concentration in Radiobiology)
Biology/Nursing (Dual Programs with University of Miami and Florida International University)
Chemistry (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.A. and B.A. with concentration in Radiochemistry)
Pre-Engineering (Dual Program with Florida International University)
Environmental Science

Department of Social Sciences

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (concentration in Criminology)
Law & Government
Social Work

School of Business

Business Administration
Hospitality Management (Dual Program with Florida International University)

Graduate Program
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

School of Education

Elementary (K-6)/Exceptional Student Education (K-12)/with ESOL and Reading Endorsement
Secondary Education (6-12) with concentrations in

Social Science

Professional Leadership Studies

Graduate Programs
Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education
Master of Science in Reading/ESOL (K-12)
Education Specialist in Exceptional Student Education


A major consists of a minimum of 30 hours in an area; a minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours. Minors are available in most areas where a major is offered, in addition to African American Studies, economics, ecology, and history. Upon selection of a major, students are required to file a proposed program of courses with the school advisor and with the dean’s approval. To change a major, students must

  1. Obtain a Declaration/Change-of-Major form from their current school
  2. Obtain the signature of the appropriate school deans (previous and new) and
  3. Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar

The change of major becomes effective on the date the change of major form is filed in the Office of the Registrar.